After graduating with Honours from Georgian College’s Advanced Graphic Design Program, Arbour began his career as a graphic designer. Working for an international book publisher and marketing firm Arbour worked his way up the corporate ladder. Heading the creative design team for one of Canada’s most well know motivational speakers his work has appeared internationally on book selves around the world.

After five years in the corporate world Arbour ventured out as a freelance Senior Graphic Designer. Working for some of Toronto’s top businesses, his work began to appear on CD cover designs, corporate company branding, poster design and websites.
After the success of venturing out as a freelance graphic designer, Arbour then refocused his efforts towards a new venture. As a visionary, Arbour set forward creating what he calls his true passion—Tablloyd. With a unique and clear vision in mind Tablloyd was formed as a creative outlet for this well diversified artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Arbour’s past work experiments with architecture, trains, cartography, blueprints, photography and collage. Mediums play off, challenge, or compliment one another.  He creates unique urban designs that incorporate the new with the old to create imagery that is impactful. This work is a face lift to ordinary day to day elements of an urban city. His work allows the viewer to explore another perspective to the subdued or ordinary views of city life.

His recent works are based on floral compositions juxtaposed against bright colours and shapes. Branching away from past architectural based works has allowed exploration into a new organic space. These new works create a sense of growth and progress in this uncertain world. Giving a glimpse of hope to a progressive future. 
He uses advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and various techniques to construct his complex digital composites. The work is very technical using many layers and bold colours combined with photography and graphic elements.

The final pieces of artwork are produced using only the highest quality archival materials including chromatic and giclée prints. His work has appeared in print, online and in gallery installations across Ontario. 

Arbour’s future focus is the exploration of NFT’s [non-fungible token] and expanding his presence on this new exciting level to digital art. He looks forward to adapting and being at the forefront of this ever growing space.

E// info@tablloyd.com
P// 416.432.3332
W// www.tablloyd.com